Navigating Through a Foodie Wonderland

By Sherrie Pratt, Media & Communications Specialist

This is going to be the year! Ending 2023 on a healthy high note even though you know there will be a plethora of delightful lunches, sweets around every corner, and an array of everyone’s favorite dishes at every party and holiday celebration. You deserve a holiday treat, especially after this past year. However, you also have the power and the mindset to consume most of your diet from nutrient-dense foods. Let’s explain.

Whether you are at a party or cooking your dish, try to remember these essential ingredients.

* Whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, cereal, sprouted bread and whole-wheat bread or pasta

* Proteins such as nuts, seeds & beans, fish, edamame, tofu, lean beef, poultry, pork

* Non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini

* Starchy vegetables such as stokes, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin, and potatoes

* Fruits

* Healthier fats such as extra virgin olive oil & avocado oil

Most often, people gain weight due to exceeding the recommended portion size. It’s tough during the holidays when there are many choices. Remember to add ¼ of plateful protein, ¼ of a plateful of whole grains and/or starchy veggies when preparing your meal and a ½ plateful of non-starchy vegetables to round out a balanced eating approach. Additionally, adding a ¾ cup of fruit is an option which can offer some sweetness to a well-balanced meal.

Avoid eating later into the evening and limit sugary drinks such as juices, soda, energy drinks, sweet tea, fruit punch, etc. Occasionally, enjoying small amounts of foods such as biscuits, chips, fried poultry or meats, sweet and savory pastries, donuts, waffles & pancakes with syrup, pies, and cakes is okay. It all comes down to moderation and then staying active. Getting adequate sleep, stress reduction, and regular exercise play an essential role in one’s health and how calories & glucose are used in one’s system. We hope you have a very delightful and healthy holiday season! Central Florida Health Care is here if you need us!