Pediatric Dental Health

Central Florida Health Care offers pediatric dental services in several locations.

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists says parents need to find their child a dental home no later than their first birthday or first tooth. Oral health impacts our overall health, so routine exams and dental habits are crucial for children.

Mouths contain bacteria, and some can cause tooth decay and gum disease, ultimately leading to potential health concerns, including heart disease. Tooth decay is prevalent among children in America, but it’s preventable.

The Dentist will complete an oral exam and diagnose any cavities or problems. Often this will involve the use of an X-ray. A professional cleaning and fluoride treatment are performed after the dental exam visit.  Professional cleanings remove tartar and plaque that traps bacteria along the gum line.

Children should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once daily between the teeth. A balanced diet with fewer snacks can also lower the risk of getting tooth decay and gum disease.

Children will feel more comfortable seeing the dentist when introduced at an early age, plus they’ll adopt healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Our Dental Services 

Preventive Services:  Exams, Screenings for Children, Cleanings, Fluoride Treatments, Sealants.
Restorations:  Fillings, Simple Extractions, Stainless steel crowns and Space maintainers.