Mammograms Mean Everything

By Sherrie Pratt

It’s not the most comfortable exam, but in a world where 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, a mammogram serves as a beacon of light. It’s a comfort just to know you’re taking every step possible to stay healthy.

There’s no doubt it can; it will save your life!

Those 50 or older are encouraged to get an annual mammogram and younger individuals with risk factors should talk with their provider.

Dr. Cara Nelson-James, Chief Medical Officer with Central Florida Health Care, says fear keeps many from getting this minimally invasive test. Some who hold back are scared of hearing the diagnosis of having cancer. Others face financial challenges in paying for a mammogram.

However, the good news is breast cancer is treatable! Mammograms can detect cancer even before you even feel a lump. The earlier it’s found, the better the outcome.

Central Florida Health Care CEO Ann Claussen understands this firsthand. She is a breast cancer survivor, all thanks to a mammogram. She understands the vitality of early screening but also knows not everyone can afford to have it done.

Claussen champions providing free mammograms for the uninsured and those dealing with financial struggles. Central Florida Health Care hosts an annual golf tournament in October, which raises money to provide this life-saving exam to those who might not be able to pay for it otherwise. So far, money from the fundraiser has paid for more than 600 mammograms, breast ultrasounds, and biopsies.

Central Florida Health Care is anticipating its next tournament on October 25th, and numerous sponsors are already signed up to participate. The community has been a tremendous support in making these exams possible.

If you know someone worried about getting the exam or delaying it for financial reasons, encourage them to give Central Florida Health Care a call because mammograms mean everything! They will not be turned away.