Provider: Maria Ancundia, MD

Dr. Maria Anchundia is in our Haines City clinic. She earned her medical degree from Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Her specialty is pediatrics. She is fluent in English & Spanish.

What is your patient care philosophy?

Dr. Anchundia’s patient care philosophy is about building trust through competency. Her career is fulfilling because she takes care of very young patients and gets to see them grow, become young adults and quite a few of these patients she become their child’s physician as well.

How does your work improve lives?

Her work improves lives by showing her patients and parents that she cares about them and is honest with them. She says, “I listen to parents concerns and address ALL of them in a caring manner. Following up on patient, calling the parents to find out how the patient is doing. I call the parent if I have an abnormal lab without waiting for the next appointment.”