Provider: Kelly Crews, APRN, CPNP-PC

I have worked as a nurse practitioner since 2003 and love seeing my patients grow and thrive throughout their childhood.

What is your patient care philosophy?

My patient care philosophy is to provide children and their caregivers a supportive, caring, medical home where they receive excellent primary care services.

What would you like people to know about you as a physician/provider?

I care about all of my patients and want them to know they are unique, they are special and they are all important to me.

How does your work improve lives?

My work improves lives by helping patients learn ways to improve their health and well-being. I feel very fortunate to be able to care for children in the Lakeland community.

What are some interesting facts about you?

I live in Lakeland with my husband and three children ( as well as a dog, two cats, and two guinea pigs.) I love the beach, the water, and woods. I also love camping and hiking with my family! Reading, watching a sunset, and Gator Football also make me happy!

What else would you like to share about yourself?

“It’s great to see our families out and about in Lakeland! I love when patients stop to say “hi” when they see me in public- at a school, a park, a shopping center. It makes my day!”