Provider: Farrah Sepehri MSN,RN,APRN,PNP-PC

What is your patient care philosophy?

I strive to provide patient-centered care that is tailored to children and their families. I believe each child is special and deserves access to quality healthcare. With key guidance provided to children at young ages, they can have the tools to become healthy adults.

What would you like people to know about you as a physician/provider?

I feel fulfilled in my career because I get to shape children’s lives with their healthcare and provide a wider access of care to all children.

How does your work improve lives?

Pediatric primary care provides children with their foundation in healthcare so they can grow into healthy adults carrying the good habits they established in childhood with vaccinations, dental hygiene, as well as diet and exercise.

What are some interesting facts about you?

I have a background in pediatric oncology and cared for children during their cancer treatment. I am very passionate about providing care for vulnerable children and their families. I am a Florida girl and grew up on the east coast beaches and love to go to the beach with friends. I am continuing my education pursuing my Doctorate of Nursing at the University of South Florida as well.