Dental Hygienist

Our Dental Hygienist Team plays a critical role in optimizing patient care at Central Florida Health Care.  You can expect a highly trained and talented team evaluating and keeping your mouth and teeth healthy.  When you engage with one of hygienists you will receive a dental and oral health screening, documentation of your dental history, education on oral hygiene, explanations on any concerns you may have or are facing, and your hygienist will serve as a liaison between you and your dentist.  This is in addition to any other services the hygienist would be providing for you during your visit, such as teeth cleaning.

The Dental Hygienist Team is ready to take wonderful care of you close to home.  We have 11 offices that provide dental care and are ready to serve you.

Avon Park

Adriana Gil

Jamise Perry

Quinterica Gordon


Jennifer Ramos

Valquiria Polanco


Maria Villeda

Haines City

Monica Paez-Henrique

Santiago Perez Caminero

Lake Wales

Danielle Barnhill

Xenia Lopez

Lakeland Hills Dental

Scarle Chauhan

Lakeland Pediatrics

Jennifer Reichert

Medical Dental Integration Coordinator

Rachel Sady


Lisa Jacoby


Maria Arreola

Nancy Jaramillo

Raquel Tejada

Winter Haven Primary

Carlos Lopez

Esther Quesada

Winter Haven Women's & Children's Clinic

Viviana Ochoa