Mes Dental Infantil

Por sherrie pratt

Children’s Dental Treatment Brings Lifelong Smiles

¿Recuerdas a tus padres diciendo: “Cepille sus dientes”? ¡Las palabras son impactantes porque significan Todo cuando se trata de mantener a los niños sanos de por vida! Febrero es el Mes Nacional de la Salud Dental Infantil, y Central Florida Health Care desea que las familias repase los consejos de salud bucal.

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists says parents need to find their child a “dental home” no later than their first birthday or first tooth. Oral health impacts our overall health, so routine exams and dental habits are crucial for children.

Las bocas contienen bacterias, y algunas pueden causar caries y enfermedades de las encías, lo que en última instancia genera posibles problemas de salud, incluidas las enfermedades cardíacas. La caries dental prevalece entre los niños en los Estados Unidos, pero se puede prevenir.

Central Florida Health Care has general dentists that primarily see children and they encourage early dental care in several locations. Dr. Archana Antony says it’s vital for children to have routine exams. Nutrition, brushing habits, flossing, and fluoride all impact oral health.

Children should brush their teeth twice a day and floss regularly between the teeth. Professional cleanings remove tartar, which traps plaque bacteria along the gum line. A balanced diet with fewer snacks can also lower the risk of getting tooth decay and gum disease.

Children will feel more comfortable seeing the dentist when introduced at an early age, plus they’ll adopt healthy habits to last a lifetime. And that’s something to smile about!

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